Easy Currency Converter For WordPress

A simple plugin for WordPress websites that gives your users the ability to convert world currencies directly from your site!

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Have you ever visited an online shop, only to pause as you realize that you aren’t sure how much the products cost because the prices are in a different currency? Some people will turn around and use Google to convert to their own currency. That solution might even be familiar to you!

But what if you were the shop owner?

While it is true that some customers will put in that extra effort to convert to a currency that they understand better, others will simply leave and visit another website. Others still will make a purchase while assuming that the price is in their own currency, only to notice the discrepancy in their bill and immediately file a complaint (or worse, a chargeback!).

Easy Currency Converter is a pretty easy way for my customers to quickly view prices in their local currency Andrew O. from RocketSupplies

It’s just a few clicks to set up, and allows me to set defaults that I know my customers are used to. Pete from Pete’s Pipes

Currency conversion is pretty popular in the casino industry, it’s great having this tool on my website Marina N. from Casino Heaven

Thanks a lot for making this plugin, I use the widget on my personal blog sidebar! Robert I. from About Circuits

Why do you need Easy Currency Converter?

Isn’t it obvious? With the customer’s ease of use in mind (and your own peace of mind), Easy Currency Converter converts the price tag to whatever currencies you want to allow. This saves time for the customer and gives you the ability to streamline your customer service.

How does it work?

Easy Currency Converter is a WordPress plugin: simply add the plugin to your site, customize it, and it’s ready to go! Utilizing a live currency conversion API, Easy Currency Converter takes any number inputted and outputs it in the requested currency. This is particularly useful with websites that cater to a global market, especially when working with the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan. These major markets for online shopping have currencies that are wildly different.

Are you a shop in Japan that has an American audience? Having a USD conversion option will help! Are you a Canadian maple syrup shop with tons of export interests to Australia? An AUS conversion option will help! Better yet, since the currency converter is updated live, it’ll always display the most accurate conversion rates in a market that is subject to frequent change. The Easy Currency Converter’s simplicity, versatility, and speed make it a competitive choice in a constantly competitive market. Don’t bog your site down with useless junkware!

Easy to Use!

With online shops almost becoming a requirement, we wanted to make this plugin so simple that even a total newbie to computers could use it. Install it, activate it, select the currencies that you want to convert, and it’s ready for use! Easy Currency Converter can then be added to any page that has listed currencies (which, if you have a cart system, should be any page). Have some questions? Head over to our FAQ!

Tailored to Your Needs!

While Easy Currency Converter is a simple plugin, we’ve designed it to have a few complex options tucked away for our more savvy customers. You can choose to customize it as much or as little as you want. Toggle automatic updates, disable or enable extra components, and so much more! Please check our Easy Currency Converter 101 page for everything that you can get with our plugin.

Beware of Counterfeits!

Remember to only download Easy Currency Converter from trusted sites. When in doubt, always use WordPress as your downloading site. Malicious companies often attempt to pretend to be official hosts of plugins like our own, potentially infecting your computer or worse, your website. Always download from official sources! Furthermore, never trust a site that promises to give you a non-trial version of a premium plugin! No company would give away its premium version for free unless it was a trial or some form of giveaway. This advice isn’t merely for our app, either! Keep an eye out for scammers everywhere.