3 Best PayPal alternatives for WordPress websites

Have you been looking at a drop-rate in your sales funnels lately? Could it be because you just have one payment gateway in PayPal for your customers? Have you considered PayPal alternatives yet? We think it might be a very much plausible reason when you are looking at your customers abandoning their carts on the […]

Why should you always update WordPress and its plugins?

Have we ever emphasized enough on the importance of updating your WordPress and its plugins? It is pivotal to update WordPress along with all plugins regularly. If you think ‘why update WordPress when it’s already doing fine?’, you are not thinking about the future. It is doing fine but when the world moves on to […]

WooCommerce themes and strategies for eCommerce

We know how you would be interested in knowing great WooCommerce themes for your eCommerce. It is a part of eCommerce growth strategies and we recognize its need too. We already discussed what eCommerce plugins you could use for your website and we would like to continue helping with eCommerce and online business related queries […]

WordPress Release 5.4 is Here – What’s New?

WordPress released its new version as WordPress 5.4 on 31st March 2020 and we couldn’t be more excited talking about this. This a whole new improved version of WordPress includes various block editor additions which we all wished existed.  So, if you are pre-occupied with free spin no deposit bonuses offered by various casinos and […]

Best Payment Plugins for WordPress

Finding the best payment plugins for your website must be one of the top priorities if you are running an online business. If you are looking for the right payment plugins, we can surely help you with that. Talking about payment plugins, they are pivotal to your business as they lay the foundation for your […]

10+ Best WordPress Finance Plugins for 2020

WordPress finance plugins can come handy when you are dealing with a bulk of diverse clientele. Running an online business can sometimes demand provocative thinking and actions. Such little plugins are a part of that. If you own a WordPress eCommerce website, you are going to need a lot of plugins in addition to the […]

Currency converters and casinos sites!

Currency converters and casinos? Doesn’t sound to be the right pairing there. The two seem to be from two different galaxies, to be precise two different business niches. The problem with the fact that both are so different is the way we intercept their relation. It is not simple and it is not as distant […]

Easy currency converter and its use?

When you are running an ecommerce store or business online, you have a lot to consider before you are off and running. An online business, like every other business elsewhere, is totally reliant on how customers feel about it. That is what presents you with all the more reasons to consider the ease of customers […]