How do I install Easy Currency Converter?

Go to the official WordPress plugin library and search for “Easy Currency Converter”. It will have the same logo that
our site has and will link back to our site! Simply install it as you would any other plugin that you find from the plugin library.

Easy Currency Converter didn’t activate, what should I do?

Sometimes, WordPress stores incorrect information in its cache. Clear your internet cache (we recommend CCleaner for ease of use!) and log back into your site. If it still hasn’t activated, make sure that your website is not live and double check that you activated the plugin. If it still isn’t working, contact us.

How often does Easy Currency Converter sync?

We have it set to sync every morning, right before the American stock markets open. This gives us a stable snapshot of the current value of currencies around the world. Fun fact: we tried to have it update more often and quickly realized that currency values change so rapidly throughout the day that someone could checkout and have the price change twice before they complete their purchase!

What if I don’t want to have it syncing every day?

Easy Currency Converter lets you deactivate this feature. We recommend letting it run at least once so that you have a baseline conversion rate. Additionally, we recommend keeping an eye on the markets so that you don’t accidentally undersell your product.

What do I do if Currency Converter stops working?

While it is possible that Easy Currency Converter could have sync issues (particularly during a DDoS attack or a server outage), it shouldn’t stop working entirely. If you are finding that it is no longer working on your website, try disabling any plugins that you added around the same time that it stopped working to see if they are the culprit. If so, e-mail us! We’ll see what we can do to make sure that our plugin works with all other plugins. If that doesn’t work, try a clean install of Easy Currency Converter.

Can you activate One-Touch and On-The-Go at the same time?

Yes! We’ve found that some shop owners prefer to have both options so that people with slower connections can still use this plugin, while those with faster connections can use it for the entire site.

You’ve mentioned slow internet being a problem, what does that mean?

While not necessarily a problem, it can be annoying. Annoyed customers are less likely to want to make a purchase! If your website already has a lot of flashy animations or special features, we recommend slimming down on how you use our plugin so that people with slower connections are not impacted. Many American customers will still have close to dial-up speeds. Remember that few customers are ever patient!