Make it Shine

Where We Started

We started out by looking over the currency converters that were available on WordPress. Some of the best ones hadn’t been updated in years, making them unwieldy and risky to rely on. Some of them were sloppy in converting, with the converted numbers not aligning properly. Some of them didn’t carry the correct symbols, leading to an unprofessional look for the shop. Most of them tied the currency to a flag, and some even tied the currency to a language. Confusingly, a few tied the currency to a flag, but would then mark USD under the British flag! It was a mess!

So we decided to start with the basics. Make it work fast, keep it updated, have it use the same formatting text as the converted currency, and keep the currency separate from flags and languages.

Then, we thought about how to make it shine.


We’ve gone through the hard work for you on this front. Our plugin automatically attaches the correct currency symbol to whichever currency it is being converted to. Did you type in $40 with the symbol included? Easy Currency Converter will recognize the USD dollar symbol and immediately replace it with the currency symbol that matches conversion.

Duality: Simple and Feature-Packed

We weren’t sure what to do on this front. We knew that we wanted it to run as fast as possible, with as few hiccups as possible. But we also had so many features that we knew would make the plugin better! This conflict could be felt in every decision that we made, culminating in one ultimate decision: why not both? Thus, Easy Currency Converter’s versatility became one of its core strengths.

Easy Currency Converter lets users decide what they want from it. Do you want a simple plugin for currency conversion? Then that’s what you get! Leave all of the fluff disabled and you’ll have a super lightweight, super simple plugin. Do you want some of our awesome features? You get that, too! Enable what you want, and Easy Currency Converter will add it to the plugin. Our plugin is still pretty lightweight, even if you add in every single optional feature, but we worked hard to make it one of the smallest plugins possible. We hope that you will enjoy it!

Student Ingenuity

This is mostly for fun: we’re a bunch of students who got together one day to work on a school project. The goal was to create a plugin or app for a service that was functional while only using a tiny amount of data. While it wasn’t a competition, we remember that the best group project was a WordPress plugin that acted like a calculator. Ours was a tic-tac-toe game for Android that was lightweight, but obviously nowhere near as lightweight as a calculator in the end. We went on to tinker on other projects here and there, but the idea of creating a lightweight plugin remained glued in our heads. How many apps had we downloaded that were way bigger than they needed to be? How many websites had we visited that were sluggish, crawling messes? We were using cheapo computers at the time, too, with terrible connections! That was when we decided to work together to create a new line of super slim plugins that would help to keep the internet accessible for people with older devices and poorer connections. Keep an eye out for our future devices!